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Is it better to quit cold turkey or slowly?

    It is important to note that the researchers supported study participants when they tried to quit.

    There is no single method to quit smoking that is right for everyone.

    Some people prefer to treat acute withdrawal symptoms for a shorter period of time by stopping cold turkey. Others prefer to quit gradually.

    Nicotine Addiction

    Now the question is how to break your nicotine addiction. Is it better to quit smoking cold turkey or gradually?

    Cold turkey might be appealing and works for some, but research shows that willpower alone isn’t the best way to quit smoking.

    The study found that after four weeks, almost half of those who quit cold turkey were still not smoking. But among people who quit gradually over two weeks, only 39 percent were smoke-free after four weeks, researchers said.

    Gradual Reduction

    When the decision is made whether to cut down or not try to quit at all, stopping gradually is still a viable approach. With a little preparation and determination, quitting smoking in this way means that your health will improve sooner rather than later.

    Behavioral support consisted of weekly visits to a nurse in the patient’s primary care practice for 2 weeks before the quit date, the day before the quit date, weekly for 4 weeks after the quit date and 8 weeks after the quit date.

    The steady and constant craving for a cigarette in the background decreases in intensity over several weeks after quitting.

    NicoBloc has been proven to help smokers quit at their own pace.

    Quit Cold Turkey

    It can be difficult to quit smoking cigarettes no matter how you do it, but the idea of quitting cold turkey can seem particularly daunting.

    Many people find that the easiest (or perhaps the least difficult) way to stop quitting is to wean cigarettes, while nicotine replacement drugs and some sort of counseling or self-help studies have found that a year after they quit using a combination of counseling and Drugs are smoke-free two to three times more often than those who do not use these tools.

    Some of the smokers saw a gradual decrease in the amount of nicotine in their cigarettes, while others went into the “cold turkey” and immediately reduced nicotine.

    Even if the patients in the study preferred one method to terminate another, they were receptive to quitting either gradually or abruptly.

    Your quit date can be the start of your efforts to quit, the day you completely quit smoking cigarettes or downsize cigarettes.

    If you are determined to quit smoking cold turkey, you should address cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Quitting smoking can be difficult, but you don’t have to go cold turkey if that doesn’t work for you using a product like NicoBloc